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Suvigya Indusoot is a rapidly emerging name in the world of astrology. He has acquired the astrological knowledge from his grandfather; Late Sri. Suresh Indusoot and father; Sri. Vibhor Indusoot as the legacy of his family. Suvigya’s inclination towards astrology commenced since his childhood because his grandfather; Late Sri. Suresh Indusoot had been a well reputed and very knowledgeable high grade astrologer, who kept on guiding numerous persons through his astrological services combined with unparallel talent for around 60 years and he also wrote more than 30 books on astrological science while his father; Sri Vibhor Indusoot is today’s famous astrologer, rendering his astrological services for last 20 years, whereas Suvigya Indusoot got the subtle knowledge of astrology from his grandfather and father. Although Suvigya has grown up in an astrological atmosphere since his childhood and engaged himself in studying and learning astrology under the guidance of his learned grandfather as well as father, yet he has been actively providing his astrological services for around 5 years. Suvigya Indusoot has got a very good command over predictive astrology. Moreover, he is a graduate in Business Management. His specific style of Parashari as well as Nadi astrology combines together in predictive astrology and horoscopic analysis. Apart from traditional Parashari and Vaidic astrology, Suvigya Indusoot has also done intensive study in South Indian system of abstract Nadi astrology, resulting which the horoscopic analysis conducted by him becomes very perfect. While conducting horoscopic analysis, he use to study any case by coordinating Parashari and Nadi astrology, resulting which his predictions are always perfect. During last couple of years, Suvigya Indusoot has studied many rare cases and found perfect solutions while offering astrological services. The astrological guidance imparted by him has brought positive changes in the life of many persons and many people have got rid of their problems through his online astrological consultations. The astrological solutions offered by him are very simple and show rapid impact on the life of a person. Nowadays, Suvigya Indusoot is offering his astrological services not only in India, but also in abroad through his online consultations and many people are getting benefitted by these online astrological consultations. In order to bring the rare knowledge of astrology forward and impart benefits of astrology to you all, Suvigya Indusoot would continue to publish his videos to you regularly through YouTube channel.