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Ruby (Manik) With Panchdhatu Pendant

Ruby is a gemstone for Sun. The Sun has the full command on the Ruby and Ruby is worn to make the Sun strong in our horoscope. If a person wears a Ruby, his self-confidence is increased, his will-power is strengthened and his self-respect and dignity are enhanced. This gemstone is helpful in accomplishing the government tasks. On account of Ruby, the glory of a person is enhanced. He gets the benefit in the problems of heart diseases, eyes and bones. If a person wears the Ruby, his power of management is increased and he becomes capable to show his inner talent to its fullest capacity.

Dhatu : Panchdhatu

VAR : Sunday

Dharna Widi : After abhishek it with Gangajal you can wear it

Mantra : Om Ghrani Suryay Namaha

Price ( INR ): 6999(5.25 carat), 7999(7.25 carat), 10499(9.25 carat) BUY NOW