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The effect of gemstone in Astrology

We all know that the gemstones possess a specific kind of power and we also experience its effect apparently several times in our life. In fact, the effect of the gemstones on our body is caused by the colour of the planets and the vibration of its light rays. Our ancient sages have discovered the colour of the planet by their research, experience and godly vision and accordingly they determined the respective gemstone for the each planet and its satellites. When we wear any gemstone, then that specific gemstone attracts the light rays of its lord planet and conveys it to our body and absorbs the unnecessary and harmful vibration of the rays within itself. Hence, the gemstones work as a filter to the human being by providing the specific rays of the planets to it, scattered in the whole universe. When we wear any gemstone, it provides an impact on our body and mind and it reflects the energy of its own lord planet in our life. Therefore, any gemstone is prescribed only after the analysis of the horoscope of a particular person. The ascendant (lagna) of your horoscope is significant in this respect.