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How will be your financial status

Our financial status is a very significant part of our life. All the needs of our life are fulfilled on the basis of ‘Artha’, that means money. “First happiness is the healthy body” is a phrase that we have heard but if you suffer from any disease then its treatment can’t be possible without money. Many of us achieve the good financial status easily and with less effort. At the same time, some others don’t earn enough money even after life long struggle. In fact, our financial status depends on the planetary combinations formed in our horoscope.
The second house in our horoscope represents the stable money in our life. This is also called second house lord. Apart from this, eleventh house lord (laabh sthan) shows our income or profit and the Venus planet is the natural significator of money and every type of prosperity. Therefore, the financial status of a person depends on the basis of these three components which are being presented hereunder:-
1) If the second house lord in the horoscope is situated in the eleventh house lord, then the money remains in the good position in your life.
2) If the second house lord, inspite of staying in the own or exaltation sign remains in the favourable house, then this position will also give good financial status.
3) If the second house lord, inspite of staying in the friendly sign remains in the Kendra or trikon, then that position becomes favourable for the financial condition.
4) If the any planet in the second house lord remains in the debilitated sign, then inspite of the lot of struggle, the financial condition can’t be strengthened.
5) If the second house lord is situated in the twelfth house then the money can never remain stable with a person.
6) If the second house lord is situated in the sixth or eighth house, then inspite of that, the money is gained only after great difficulties.
7) If the eleventh house lord in your horoscope is situated in the eleventh house or looking towards the eleventh house, then the deficit in the money gain of a person never happens and the financial condition becomes strong.
8) The Venus is a natural significator of the money. If the Venus is situated in the favourable house, being in the own (2,7) or exaltation (12) sign, then the concerned person achieves the good financial status smoothly and the person gains some specific prosperity.
9) If the Venus is situated in the twelfth house of a horoscope, then this position (yog) too provides very good financial status to a person.
10) If the Venus is in the debilitated sign (Virgo) or stays with Mars or Ketu, then the financial status becomes full of struggle and when the Venus remains over debilitated, then the twelfth house lord or second house lord; inspite of being strong, the financial condition of a person remains in ups and downs.

The remedies for financial prosperity:
i) Chant the mantra of your own Dhanesh and Labhesh graha daily.
ii) Chant the mantra Om Shum Shukraya Namah 108 times (1 mala) daily.
iii) Recite Shri Suktam daily.
iv) Chant the mantra Om Shrim Shreeye Namaha 108 times (1 mala) daily.
v) Feed the Rice porridge (chawal ka kheer) to a cow on every Friday.
vi) Keep the NORTH-EAST corner of your home or office clean specifically and place a pitcher of water there.