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Success in Business and Astrology

In these days the most part of youngsters or students plan their career as a job and they join many professional courses to get a job but many people have their interest only in business field they want settle their career in any type of business, Some people get success and achievements in business field but many people face struggle and hurdles in their business and they do not get success in business field. Why……? According to astrology business is beneficial for us or not it depends on some planetary combinations in our horoscope, Our horoscope tells us everything about our life so now we describe here which planetary combination in our horoscope give success in business field ……….

In our horoscope the 10th house shows our professional life so our career depends on the strength of 10th house but when we consider about business some important factors are considerable besides 10th house. 7th house in horoscope is described as the house of business so it is a considerable point for success in business. The second important factor for business is Mercury, Mercury is the natural significator of business it is the planet which signifies our career in business. The strong mercury in our horoscope shows a good ability for business so a good strength of 7th house and mercury is essential for success in business. Well placed mercury and seventh house lord helps person to succeed in business, So we find out two factors for success in business 7th house and mercury but one other factor is much important than 7th house and mercury is 11th house, 11th house is the most important factor in a businessman’s horoscope which signifies regular gain in business if 11th house and its lord is well placed in our horoscope than the native gets success in business strong 11th house in horoscope gives profit regularly which is very necessary for a businessman, So good strength of 11th house is very important for success in business. Venus is the planet of economical gain and prosperity well placed Venus in our horoscope assures that there will be good return of our investments and debilitated Venus creates hurdles in money returns or regular gain, So placement of Venus is also considerable fulfillment of business.Some planetary combinations for business –

1. If the lord of 7th house is posited in 7th house or if 7th house lord aspect 7th house this combination gives success in business.

2. If lord of 7th house is exalted or is in its own sign in benefic houses (Kendra & trikona – 1,4,7,10, & 5,9 house) it is good a combination for business.

3. If lord of 11th house is posited in 11th house it is very good sign for success in business.

4. If 11th house lord aspect 11th house then native get success in business.

5. If there is the condition of exchange of places between 10th and 11th house lord this is a good combination for business.

6. Exchange between 9th and 11th house lord is also good for business.
7. Combination of 2nd house lord and 11th house lord is good combination for success in business. Exchange between 2nd and 11th house lord is also good for business.

8. If the points in 11th house of sarvashtakvarga chart are more than 12th house it shows good result in business.

9. Exchange between 10th house and 7th house lord is also good for success.

10. Exchange between 11th house and 7th house lord gives success in business.

11. If mercury is exalted or is in its own sign(mithun ,kanya) in benefic houses (Kendra, trikona) then it gives good ability for business.

12. Success in business will as strong as 11th house is strong in our horoscope.Note :- in the horoscope the placement of 7th house and its lord shows success or struggle in business the natural significator mercury gives ability for business,

The 11th house and Venus shows which position of gain and profits the person will achieve. So if these factors are well placed and strong in our horoscope then native gets success in business and which type of business you should do it depends on the planetary combination in your horoscope normally strong planet gives us good result so type of business should choose according to strong planet in our horoscope.If 7th house, mercury and 11th house are weak in your horoscope then business is not beneficial for us. If 7th house lord 11th house lord and mercury is debilitated or in malefic houses (6,8,12) then this type of combination create struggle and hurdles in business so these astrological points are considerable for success in business.

Shri Hanumate Namaha