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Love marriage and Astrology

Love marriage has always been a sensitive issue which has created a curiosity in the minds of today’s youths. At one hand, some people choose their life partners through traditional customs in the presence of their family members, while on the other, such a circumstances are created in the life of some others that they find their life partner naturally or they get married on account their love relationship. So what are those graha-yogs which create the situation for love marriages. Let’s know those conditions which are hereunder:- The ‘fifth house’ in our horoscope is the factor for our love relationship and romance and the ‘seventh house’ is the factor of marriage. Apart from this, the Venus is the natural factor of love relation and marriage, that means, it controls the both. The moon is the factor of our mind and the emotional activities and the Rahu is the factor for non-traditional customs. Therefore, some specific planatery positions created by these elements makes the yog for love relations which are as follows:-
1.If in our horoscope, the combination of fifth house lord and the seventh house lord then the love marriage is formed.
2. If the fifth house lord and the seventh house lord are samsaptak, that means they are infront of each other, then the love marriage occurs.
3.If the fifth house lord is in the seventh house and the seventh house lord is in the fifth house, then the love marriage is formed.
4. If the Moon is in ascendant or seventh house, then the yog is formed for love marriage.
5. If the Venus and Rahu are together in the horoscope then the marriage takes place through love relation.
6. The combination of Venus and Moon causes the love marriage.
7. If the seventh house lord and the Rahu are sitting together then too the yog for love marriage is formed.
Special notes:
i) If the fifth house lord and the seventh house lord are combined together, but this combination is forming in malefic (dukh bhav) house (6,8,12), especially the 8th house then there are many obstructions in the love marriage; that means, inspite of the love relationship, the marriage doesn’t take place.
ii) If the combination of Venus and Rahu is formed in the eighth house, then too the love relations are broken every now & then.
iii) If the Rahu is with the seventh house lord or the Venus then under such a situation inter-cast marriage takes place.
iv) If the Mars is also with combination of Venus and Rahu, then in such a situation, more than one love relation is formed.
v) If the Jupiter throws an aspect on the combination of fifth house lord and seventh hourse lord, then the love marriage is conducted with the approval of family members. Hence, inspite of the formation of yog for love marriage, this is imperative to see under what circumstances, the yog for love marriage is forming and which other planets are affecting this yog.