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In Astrology, perhaps there is any other popular subject than Sadesati. Shani’s Sadesati is such an important subject in Astrology that causes curiosity and terror in the mind of the people. The moment a person hears the name of Sadesati, he gets scared but at the same time, there are so many myths prevalent in our society which should be eliminated from our minds. So, let’s know what is Sadesati and what is its impact on the human life:-- “Sadesati in fact, depends upon the Gochar status of Shani. As Shani in transit (Gochar) enters into the 12th sign from the Moon sign (Janmkalin rashi) of any person, Sadesati starts affecting the life of that person. Shani stays in a sign for 2½ years. According to this calculation, when the Shani enters into the third house from our moon sign, then our Sadesati is considered to be ended up, that means, during the period of Sadesati, Shani stays in the 12th sign from our sign (Moon sign) and next 2½ years in the next sign from our sign. The repetition of Sadesati in the life of any person occurs after about 30 years. Therefore, as per today’s life span of a person, Shani’s Sadesati occurs in a person maximum 3 times during his whole life span. During the period of Sadesati, the situation of struggle increases in the life of a person. He has to face the obstacles and fluctuations in accomplishing any work and his mind remains in the misleading situation. Out of the three stages, the second stage of Sadesati, that means when Shani remains in our moon sign, causes the maximum impact on the life of human beings. During this period, Sadesati remains in its top gear, but this is not at all true that Sadesati creates only bad impact on the life of a person. Sadesati creates different type of impact in the life of every person. Therefore, the impact of Sadesati can be known only after the analysis of the horoscope of any person. During the Sadesati, if Shani transits to its friendly planets in the horoscope of a person, then Sadesati gives very good results. The transit of Shani to birth time Jupiter in the horoscope provides auspicious results. The concerned person achieves the progress. So the impact of Sadesati depends upon the status of your horoscope. There is a spiritual perspective of Sadesati too. Shani causes austerity and spiritualism in a person and makes a person work hard. Since the bad impact of those sins and misdeeds; which we commit knowingly or unknowingly during our countless births, affects our present life, so the Sadesati of Shani set us free from those previous deeds committed during our previous countless births by making us struggle and hard work and neutralizing those misdeeds accumulated during our prior births. That means, as the gold is heated in fire for cleansing, so as the Shani’s Sadesati also transform our life by making us struggle and hard work. This is a big significance of Shani’s Sadesati. In case, anybody is facing obstacles, then the following remedies would get him the benefits. Remedies:
1) Do the recitation of ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ daily.
2) Chant the hymn ‘Om Sham Shanishcharya Namah’.
3) Light an earthen lamp with mustard oil under the Peepal tree on Saturdays.
4) Donate whole Urad on Saturdays.
5) Serve the poor people.