Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you accept any alternate methods of payment besides Pay Pal or payumoney?

2. Is the site fully Free? If No, what is Free and What is Paid?

3. Do I need to pay to register as a Member?

4. I have forgotton my password. What to do?

5. What are the user informations that are collected and stored at your site?

6. How accurate is the prediction given at this site?

7. How to register?

8. How to edit profile details?

9. How does Astroindusoot verifies user?

10. How to change the password?

11. How to ask question?

12. Can I edit my question after sending?

13. At what time can I expect the answer from the astrologer?

14. After the transaction is successful, where can I get the invoice?

15. Where can I see the transaction history?

16. How to reach?

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