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Lajvrat (Lapis)

Lajvrat (Lapis) is a gemstone for the Saturn planet. The Saturn has a command over the Lajvrat. It is worn, in order to make Saturn strong in our Horoscope. When it is worn, the problems associated with the career are reduced and the career is strengthened. The person becomes visionary, his capacity of deep study is increased and he gets the public support as well as gets the benefits in the job problems. On account of wearing Lajvrat, the digestive system becomes strong. It is also useful in relieving the joints pain.

Dhatu : Ashtdhatu/Silver

VAR : Saturday

Dharna Widi : Abhishek it with Gangajal and chant - Om sham shanaishcharay namaha 108 times then you can wear it

Mantra : Om sham shanaishcharay namaha

Price ( INR ): 4200 BUY NOW