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Gomed is a gemstone for Rahu. Rahu has a command over this gemstone. Gomed is worn in order to strengthen Rahu in our Horoschope. When a person wears a Gomed, the cleverness in his wisdom is enhanced. That person becomes efficient in the politics and diplomacy. His interest in the mysterious objects and the deep knowledge is increased and his visionary capability is also increased.

Dhatu : Gomed is worn in silver/ashtadhatu ring or locket.

VAR : Gomed is worn on Saturday.

Dharna Widi : Wash (Abhishek) the Gomed gemstone with raw milk and Ganga jal by sitting at the worship spot, then after chanting the below mentioned hymn Om Ram Rahawe Namah for 108 times (1 wreath), wear this gemstone at the east facing direction.

Mantra : Om ram rahave namaha

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